Cities cover around 1% of the Earth’s surface. However they consume 75% of total energy and are responsible for 80% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. By 2020, nearly 85% of the global population will live in large urban centers.


Urban expansion puts pressures on city infrastructure and alters human habits and behavior, requiring new solutions. Challenges in the use of water and sanitation, energy and land; reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation; mobility and many other issues become unavoidable, all- encompassing and urgent.


A new type of urbanism that promotes new technologies is developing in response to the collapse in supplies of natural resources and the resultant degradation in quality of life.


URBAN FIX was created from an understanding of and respect for, the natural environment. It is a project tool designed to conceptualize a new era for cities. It proposes new landscapes, functions and uses for urban buildings as well as new habits for society.


URBAN FIX – The urban environment, planned according to a series of goals:



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